Pinny McBallface

Pinny McBallface is an endless mobile pinball game. With addictive gameplay, procedurally generated levels, and tons of cute unlockable characters, it's the "Crossy Road" of pinball.

  • Play endless pinball! Keep scrolling up to new levels until you run out of lives.
  • Collect rubies and earn high scores to unlock new characters.
  • Earn coins to play the crane game for a chance to win a new character.
  • Randomly generated levels with progressively more difficult obstacles to avoid.
  • There will be 50+ adorable, slightly random, or truly horrifying characters at release, with more added in future updates.
  • Hourly and daily challenges for bonus coins.

Short Description

Endless pinball, tons of characters to unlock! Collect coins, avoid obstacles.


Pinny McBallface is free and ad-supported. A single in-app purchase will disable ads forever and double the value of coins. Any character can be unlocked for $0.99.

Release Date

  • Android: March 2017
  • iOS: April 2017

Gameplay Video




Developer Info

Name MouseMob
Founded 2016
Based in San Jose, CA
Twitter @mousemobgames
About MouseMob is an independent game studio located in San Jose, CA.